General terms and conditions

The following general terms and conditions apply to all bookings made via the website, by mail or by phone with Luana Guglielmetti.

1. contracting party & purpose of services
The sessions and events on the website of Andromeda Ascension are organized by Luana Guglielmetti and serve the personal wellbeing and spiritual development of participants. 

2. conclusion of contract
The contract between Luana Guglielmetti and the participant become effective upon the booking of a session or event. By booking, the participant tacitly acknowledges and agrees to the general terms, the conditions of participation and Privacy Policy.

3. registration
Registrations are binding. Registration is made verbally, in writing (e.g. via the online registration form), by email or by phone. Payment by bank or cash on site. After booking the participant will receive a confirmation of registration. The booking includes only the participation in the respective session or event, i.e. travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the participant.

4. cancellation
Cancellations must be made in writing or by telephone. For cancellations up to 1 day (24 hours) before a session or event, the price will be refunded. For cancellations later than 1 day (24 hrs.) before the booked session or event, no refund will be made. The booking can be transferred to another person, who agrees to the general terms, conditions of participation, and privacy policy.

5. missed parts of an event
Missed parts of an event cannot be refunded. Participants who arrive too late and cannot participate won’t get a refund.

6. number of participants & cancellation of an event
The minimum number of participants varies depending on the event and room size. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the organizer reserves the right to either cancel the event or to hold it as a small group at a correspondingly higher price. The latter only after consultation with the already registered persons and only if all agree. Should an event not take place, the full amount will be refunded. Event dates are subject to change.

7. liability
Insurance coverage during the event is the responsibility of the participants. Participation in a Session or Event is voluntary and the responsibility of the participant. Each participant bears full responsibility for him/herself and his/her actions during the event. All liability is excluded for all events organized by the provider. The organizer is not liable for any damage caused by the participant during the use of the seminar room or the use of the other services. The organizer is also not liable for the loss of clothing, money or other valuables brought along. The participant is responsible for his or her own travel and accommodation. Even if the event is cancelled by the organizer, the organizer is not liable for any items that have already been booked for payment, such as train tickets or hotel rooms.

Our services are not a substitute for medical, psychiatric or psychological treatment. If you are physically or psychologically not fully resilient, take drugs or strong psychotropic medication or are pregnant, it is imperative to discuss the participation with the organizer before booking. If you are undergoing psychotherapeutic treatment, you must also clarify with your therapist whether your participation in a session or event is allowed.

8. data protection
By registering, the participant agrees that the provider may use the data provided (personal data such as surname, first name, mail address, booked events, etc.) for its own purposes (newsletter, information about new offers, etc.). The provider does not share your data with third parties. The privacy policy on this website applies.

9. ethics & silence
Participants are prohibited from making audio recordings or taking photos/videos during the events and sessions. Everything that participants share about their personal experiences is to be kept strictly confidential. Participants are prohibited from sharing personal information from other participants (e.g. descriptions of experience in the group) with third parties with the name of the participant.

10. pictures and video of the session/event
If photos and videos are taken, they may be used by the organizer and its photographer for promotional purposes on website and social media. The resulting images and video may also be used by the participants.

11. copyright
For all content, worksheets: work & read- ebooks, podcast, video ́s, e-books and publications, the author reserves all rights to the content. The pages of this website may be quoted, copied and freely distributed unchanged exclusively for private non-commercial use, provided the source is acknowledged. Any other use requires prior written permission. The sole copyright and publication rights remain with Luana Guglielmetti.

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