“There is a promise land where dreams come true.

You cannot see it but it is everywhere. You can find it, if you really want to.”

Private Sessions – Live in Dübendorf

Led by Andromeda

What is the purpose of this work?

All of us know how important it is to keep our physical body healthy, so we try to eat as healthily as possible, exercise, and relax when we feel our stress level has increased. Yet, still few people have realized that it is as important to take care of our energy body and etheric field around us as it is to take care of our physical body.

Our energy body and etheric field require regular cleansing, in fact, when our energy channels are blocked or malfunctioning, or when other external energies are interfering in our field, it becomes difficult for our chakras to connect and communicate with each other, communicate with our earth and communicate with the rest of the universe. You will notice that when certain channels begin to activate and communicate with each other and with the rest of the universe, the information you receive in the form of insights and self-realizations increase in a very accelerated way, a process that will automatically speed up your evolution, bringing you back into alignment with your soul’s purpose.

When the energy of Kundalini (life force or love of creation), an energy endowed with its own wisdom and intelligence, begins to awaken and do its own cleansing work (ridding your field and body of energies that are not beneficial to you), your process of self-realization is accelerated. This means that what is blocking your evolutionary path will emerge, forcing you to observe, realize and integrate. 

To support the work of Kundalini, you will then be asked to stay present and observe all that emerges within you, without judgment (with a nondual approach), and in contemplation, in silence, new realizations will emerge and be integrated. This may happen during the session, but more likely in the following days, weeks and months. To receive the most from this energy, you need to continue this path with dedication, you need to continue to keep your energy body clean and active (just as with the physical body). This can be done with the help of an outside person (like me), but also by you, with meditation or yoga techniques. The important thing is that you are aware, that it is not enough to “clean house” once. 

With this kind of work, your energy body and etheric field can become stronger and more resilient, just like your physical body becomes stronger with physical activity, but again, remember that it is not enough to “go to a fitness center once”.

Be aware that even going the first time to the gym leads to the next day maybe being tired, having physical pains, and the results still will not be seen. To see results you have to go to the gym with perseverance and acceptance of all that is!

And just as each one of us enters a fitness center the first time with a different physical body, you also enter my studio with a different energy body, which explains why not all of you are able to receive and flow the same amount of energy the first few sessions.

How does it work ?

In a session you will be guided into a deep state of relaxation for ca. 10 minutes, to be followed by about 50 minutes of Energy Transmissions & Kundalini Activations. 

It is helpful and appreciated that you bring an intention for the session, however rather than having a rigid expectation, it will be a smoother process if you just try to surrender to the experience. The energy provided carries its own intelligence, and will pierce through the construct of the ego, through the projections of the mind, through any emotion that you may carry.

The practice is also suitable for beginners. The energy provided is called the “love of creation”. You will experience the energy in your own way and will receive according to your capacity to receive at the moment, a capacity that increases with continued spiritual practice.

Potential Benefits of this Energy:
  • Accelerated Self-Realization Journey, Emergence of New Gifts, increased Power of Manifestation.
  • Relief from Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Pain of Past Traumas.
  • Clearing and Removal of Blocks in the Energetic, Spiritual and Emotional body.  
  • Emotional Release and completion of Cycles of Karma.
  • Shifting into Higher Levels of Consciousness and Vibration.
  • Harmony and Balance in the Body.
  • Increased Awareness, Nondual Approach and Release of Limiting Beliefs.
  • Remembrance of your True Self and Purpose, Awakened Intuition.
  • An natural Renunciation to Unhealthy Foods, Habits, People, Environments.
  • Deeper Connection with the Planet and the Universe, Experience of Oneness. 

Must know: The people you see moving in the videos have developed an energy body that allows them to receive energy in that particular way. This kind of result is rarely (though it is possible) achieved during the first few sessions, as the body must first be prepared to receive.

Please book from the calendar below. People under the age of 18 must bring written permission signed by their parents. 

In Zürich:

  • Überlandstrasse 212, 8600 Dübendorf (The Building is located on the train station, 3rd floor, Room on the left side). 
  • There is a direct train from Zurich HB (about 10 minutes of travel). The Train/Bus Stop is called “Dübendorf Bahnhof”. 
  • Parking Garage at Überlandstrasse 206 (Insiderpark).
  • Price & Duration: 177 chf for 60 min. You can bring a friend & get a discount (max 2 people).
  • Language: You can choose between English, German, Italian.
  • When? Check availability and book via the link below:
  • Bookings – Buchungen – Prenotazioni
  • Refund policy: with a minimum notice of 24 hour.