You are the One Who is Responsible for Creation

The Dimensions & the 7 Laws of Creation

What are Dimensions ?

In spirituality, we often confuse dimensions with astral realms of existence, saying things like “I want to go to the fifth dimension” or “the planet is entering the fifth dimension”…

However, dimension essentially means to divide something into parts so we can measure it out and understand it. A dimension arises from a single entity that we split in order to study it better; we divide it into two, three, four, and so on. It’s a way of seeing things, of perceiving them, a point of view! One does not actually go anywhere; access to different dimensions is in the present moment, regardless of whether you live here or on Sirius or another planet!

Certainly, some environments or more suitable bodies than the human body can facilitate access to other dimensions (hence other points of view, another awareness).

FIRST DIMENSION: This is simply the understanding of unity, realizing that everything is actually one; you are also everything that surrounds you (this is the dimension of unity).

SECOND DIMENSION: This is the dimension of duality, it allows seeing things from two perspectives, two polarities, negative and positive. This also creates space and time.

THIRD DIMENSION: When space and time collapse, they create the third dimension, the possibility for the unity to experience itself, to observe itself from the outside.

FOURTH DIMENSION: This is the frequency at which the event is manifesting (hence time), the process of experience. Higher frequency means faster, lower slower. How often will the same event repeat? Reality is created and moves like a spiral, cyclically.

FIFTH DIMENSION: The fifth dimension is the awareness of this, where all this is recorded, all the data and information, what many call the Akashic record.

SIXTH DIMENSION: In the sixth dimension, you deeply realize, in every cell of your being, all this, and then you say to yourself, “I am the creator of reality, and now I can transform it into something different.”

SEVENTH DIMENSION: When you can actually transform reality, that is the seventh dimension (the dimension of archangels, which are not people with wings, but frequencies, sounds so powerful that resound and cover the entire universe).

EIGHTH DIMENSION: When the seventh dimension converges upon itself, it creates eternity, the eighth dimension (hence the symbol of infinity). Every being is living every moment in every place, and you can perceive every possible timeline.

NINE DIMENSION: This leads now to the ninth dimension, the divine dimension, which is the understanding of everything, the understanding of the whole, which simply says, “I AM.”

And finally, the ninth dimension brings you back to the first dimension. But since it’s a new cycle, we call it the TENTH DIMENSION, the second will be the ELEVENTH DIMENSION, and so on. So, you begin a cycle anew, but it’s not the same cycle; it’s a cycle that has completed the first cycle!

Which are the 7 Laws of Creation?

In this universe, there are some inescapable laws; let’s briefly review them! First of all, the location or moment they exist in is the SEVENTH DIMENSION. In truth, it could be considered a single law stating “THE UNIVERSE IS MIND”, but so that we can experience it in the third dimension, this single law is divided into 7 laws, and these 7 laws are each linked to one of our main CHAKRAS.
The first Law is thus the mind, associated with the crown chakra, and we call it the law of mentalism. This is the first law of the universe, which creates everything else, and it states “all that you experience is what you think”. The mind is the vibration of what you are, hence the vibratory waves that spread around your body. If, for example, you tell yourself “I want a beautiful house”, the waves you spread around will be those of need “I want”, so you will experience the need but not the possession! This is why it’s said that if you wish to manifest something, you must imagine and perceive in every cell of your being the vibration of already having what you desire. Be what you think, and always think in the present, because for the universe, the future does not exist, time is an illusion, everything actually happens at the same moment, just at different frequencies, and because mentalism is what you are right now!
The second law is related to the third eye and is that of correspondence, which says “you are outside, what you are inside, or, as in heaven so on earth. Whatever you create inside, will also be created outside of you and vice versa, thus all the information you see outside of you also influences what you are inside!
Then we have the third law, that of vibration, hence the sound of creation, which is associated with the throat chakra. The word, the sound, is indeed the first thing to exist in the universe, even the Bible says “And God said”, it’s the verb that creates light! Thus, everything you see will be the expression of the sound at the beginning of your creation. So, pay attention to how you think but also to how you say things…abracadabra!
The fourth law is that of rhythm, associated with the heart chakra. Rhythm teaches you that everything in the universe has its own time to exist, imagine the graph of a heartbeat, the wave rises and then falls, then rises and falls again. Be aware that when the vibrational frequency is lower, the time to complete a cycle, a process, is longer and vice versa (this is the rhythm of the universe). That’s why things that feel heavy, at a low frequency, seem to last longer than lighter, high-frequency, beautiful things. If you live in heaviness, and thus vibrate at a low frequency, you cannot ask the universe to change your life in a day! You must first work to raise your inner frequency and make everything faster. On the other hand, if the frequency you live in is too high, events will unfold so quickly that you won’t have time to understand what’s happening, and thus you will no longer feel in harmony with everything. A planet Earth increasing its vibrational frequencies, influencing the energy field and thus the vibration we all find ourselves in, can mean continuous and sudden changes, a general acceleration of events, even at a technological level, and if we are not deeply prepared to understand and integrate these changes, we will feel lost and detached, in disharmony with ourselves and with what surrounds us. This is called a crisis! And that’s why the famous spiritual awakening, an elevation of one’s frequencies, often happens during a crisis!
The fifth law is linked to the solar plexus chakra, and it’s the law of cause and effect. This law says that your vibration and rhythm influence what happens in your life. If you emit a low frequency, everything that comes back to you will be of low frequency. Everything that comes back to you is indeed an effect of what you caused, so when something happens to you, ask yourself when it all started! Remember though, that the past influences the present and the future, which are simply at other frequencies, but also the future influences the present and the past. And the present influences the past and the future! The matter is slightly more complicated than the human brain can comprehend… So how do I get out of it? The only thing you can do is be the best version of yourself at all times. And what is the best version? It’s when you are consistent with yourself, i.e., when your thoughts are in alignment with also what you say, what you do and what you feel!
The sixth law is that of polarity, linked to the sacral chakra. The law of actual material creation, which says that everything has a negative and a positive pole. In reality, polarity is not negative but helps you to constantly go from one pole to the other, allowing and maintaining movement, hence creation. We are made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons, thus negative and positive poles, which unite to create DNA. Polarity or separation is thus something that actually unites us, creates us. The first trauma we experience in our lives is precisely the biological one, due to the separation of our cells. This is a necessary trauma, because for creation to continue to manifest and evolve, we must continuously go from one pole to the other, nature itself tells us this. After reaching one pole, you will then have to return to the other. The peak of a mountain represents the beginning of the descent, so don’t be in too much of a hurry and enjoy the process! Moreover, the negative pole helps you reach the positive one. Imagine jumping on a trampoline, the more you bend and sink down, the more you’ll be able to jump up afterward. So, the biggest crises we fall into also represent our greatest opportunities for elevation!
The seventh law is linked to the root chakra, and it’s the law of generation. Everything is created, generated according to the law of polarity. Everything is destroyed to be recreated, nothing ever dies, energy never vanishes into nothing, everything is constantly transformed. And we are also generating new realities every second of our existence!
Remember that it’s not enough to mentally understand these laws; you must become the universal laws yourself, to be able to transform matter, because the reality you see outside of you is simply your mirror, and the only way to change the image you see in the mirror is to change yourself! It’s about unlocking the power of each law within you, thus unleashing the power of each Chakra, this was taught in the ANCIENT INITIATORY PATH, which aimed to transform you into the ALCHEMIST, the magician, who can transform matter and thus reality. This is why the seventh dimension is also called the dimension of the enlightened ones, the ascended masters, who during channeling keep reminding us that WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN CREATION!