“There is a promise land where dreams come true.

You cannot see it but it is everywhere. You can find it, if you really want to.”

PREMIUM – Online Membership

Hosted by Andromeda, Sabrina, Eugenio and other Special Guests. 

What does the DragonShakti Premium Membership contain?

The Online PREMIUM Membership is offered at 55 chf/month* on the “Mighty Networks” Platform and includes:

  • 2 x Kundalini Activation in ENGLISHITALIAN per month (live on zoom)
  • 1 x Breathwork Activation in ENGLISH – ITALIAN per month (live on zoom)
  • 1 x Open Group Call Discussion in ENGLISHITALIAN per month (live on zoom)
  • Access to Recordings of All Sessions | can be useful to have a basic understanding of English 

The Premium Membership is for you if:

  • You are on or you want to Initiate your Self-Realization Journey! 
  • You want to Activate and Expand your Energy Body !
  • You want to Maintain your Expansion Active!
  • You want to Cultivate the Alignment of your Energy Body!
  • You want to keep your Etheric Field Pure, away from destructive external interferences!
  • You wish to Exchange Tips, Information and Share your Experiences with people on the Same Path as you!

Which are the Open Group Call Discussion Topics?

  • JANUARY – Sacred S€xuality and the Inner Spiritual Path.
  • FEBRUARY – The forgotten Power of Sacred Places.
  • MARCH – Mantras and their not-so-hidden Power.
  • APRIL – S€xual Energy and Psycho-Physical Well-Being.
  • MAY – Karma and the Path of the Soul are written in the Stars.
  • JUNE – Tantra and the Pl€asure of Touch to Heal the Soul.
  • JULY – £rotic maps: Exploring S€xual footprints.
  • AUGUST – Ascended Masters and Aliens. We are One but we are not Alone.
  • SEPTEMBER – Kundalini Rising, £cstasy and Cosmic Org@sm.
  • OCTOBER – Integration of S€xuality and Spirituality
  • NOVEMBER – The Universe doesn’t speak English! Esoterism to communicate with the universe.
  • DECEMBER – S€x Magick & its Power of Manifestation.

Which are the Potential Benefits of this Energy?

  • Accelerated Self-Realization Journey, Emergence of New Gifts, increased Power of Manifestation.
  • Relief from Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Pain of Past Traumas.
  • Clearing and Removal of Blocks in the Energetic, Spiritual and Emotional Body.  
  • Emotional Release and Completion of Cycles of Karma. 
  • Shifting into Higher Levels of Consciousness and Vibration.
  • Harmony and Balance in the Body. 
  • Increased Awareness, Nondual Approach and Release of Limiting Beliefs. 
  • Remembrance of your True Self and Purpose, Awakened Intuition. 
  • An natural Renunciation to Unhealthy Foods, Habits, People, Environments.
  • Deeper Connection with the Planet and the Universe, Experience of Oneness. 


Must know: The people you see moving in the videos have developed an energy body that allows them to receive energy in that particular way. This kind of result is rarely (though it is possible) achieved during the first few sessions, as the body must first be prepared to receive!


What is the Agenda**?


 Every FIRST and SECOND Wednesday of the month:

  • From 9 PM to 10 PM (CET time)


Every THIRD Wednesday of the month:

  • From 9 PM to 10 PM (CET Time)


 Every FOURTH Wednesday of the month:

  • From 9 PM to 10 PM (CET time)

* You CAN UNSUBSCRIBE your membership directly from your Mighty Networks profile at any time | **Agenda subject to change


How can I join You ?

In order to join us, you will need to REGISTER FOR FREE on the MIGHTY NETWORKS Platform.

You have the possibility to do it via browser and use it as a regular website but also by downloading the “Mighty Networks“ App from the App Store.

In order to have a better experience, we recommend that you download the “Mighty Networks“ APP.

You will be asked to enter a name and your email address to complete your registration.

➤ Click on this link to join DragonShakti Alchemy School: https://dragonshaktialchemyschool.mn.co/premium plans/



  • Does it work online as well? Yes, because everything in the universe is interconnected through energy fields. There is no absolute separation between particles or things, but rather there is a connection that permeates the entire cosmos. Intention and awareness can modulate the flow of energy and create changes even at a distance.
  • Can I manage to activate and keep my energy and etheric body in alignment on my own? Yes, you certainly can. There are a multitude of techniques for doing so that have been taught in various schools and passed down through generations.
  • Then why join the Premium Membership? Suppose you want to leave Germany and go to Spain, would you go there on foot, by car, train or plane? Every method is valid and legitimate, today we have technologies available that allow us to travel faster in both the physical and energetic worlds, and energy channelling is one of them. You must therefore see energy transmission as an accelerator, which allows you to get to your goal more comfortably and faster.
  • Is it less safe to travel by plane than by car? Absolutely not =), even if it is an accelerated process, this is as much or even safer than DIY. The only difference is that someone else is guiding instead of you (just like someone else is flying the airplane), so you can just lie back and relax.
  • What if I can’t attend live? You can access recordings.
  • What’s the difference between an in-person session and an online one? In in-person sessions, we focus on the energetic activation of each individual, while in online sessions, we establish an activating energy container for all premium members. It will be a softer session compared to the in-person one, with the advantage that you can listen to the replay whenever you want, and with your clear intention of connecting to that container, you will receive energetic support and the necessary activations.
  • What if I‘m interested in participating in a session only once? You still need to create your profile on the Mighty Networks platform (for free) and then join the Premium Membership (55 chf). You can later easily cancel your monthly subscription directly from your Mighty Networks Profile (you can cancel whenever you want).