“There is a promise land where dreams come true.

You cannot see it but it is everywhere. You can find it, if you really want to.”

FREE – Online Membership

Hosted by Andromeda, Sabrina, Eugenio and other Special Guests. 

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What does the DragonShakti Free Membership contain?

The Online FREE Membership is available on the “Mighty Networks” Platform and includes New Videos Every Month to help activate your Energy Body, to Practice and to increase your Knowledge !

How can I join You ?

In order to join us, you will need to REGISTER FOR FREE on the MIGHTY NETWORKS Platform.

You have the possibility to do it via browser and use it as a regular website but also by downloading the “Mighty Networks“ App from the App Store.

In order to have a better experience, we recommend that you download the “Mighty Networks“ APP.

You will be asked to enter a name and your email address to complete your registration.

➤ You can use this link to join DragonShakti Alchemy School: https://dragonshaktialchemyschool.mn.co

PS. It requires great amount of time and energy to prepare the materials we make available to everyone for free. If you wish, you can support our project with a donation using one of the links below =) Thank you from the heart ❤️