“I am neither one nor the other person. I am both persons.
It is only when both persons come together and become friends that you can start to open your eyes.
I was sleeping in the darkness and on one silent day I woke up.”


Luana Désirée Miriam Guglielmetti

Dipl. cert. Hypnotherapist VSH NGH

andromeda - luana


In anticipation of a meeting in the physical realm, allow me to unfurl the scrolls of my journey. Born under the Swiss skies of Ticino, I am a seeker fluent in Italian, German, English, and French.

Since the dawn of my consciousness, profound queries have danced in my mind – Who am I? What is the meaning of life? Who orchestrates the divine symphony? Are we alone in the universe? What mysteries lie beyond the veil of death?

Since I could not find satisfactory answers, I followed the well-trodden path society lays before us: collegiate ascension and the pursuit of a secure and prosperous career. I attained degrees in economics and management and found success as an account manager in the realm of multinationals, yet the questions of my youth lay dormant like slumbering dragons.

Yet, in time, these ancient whispers grew into a loud call, resurfacing with an urgency that could not more be ignored.

Amid the society, I felt an anomaly, my soul wandering in solitary reflection, even amidst the throng of societal festivities, questioning why my peers did not share these cosmic curiosities, and whether I would ever truly belong.

The doubt that I was a hamster running on a wheel, inside an invisible cage, was becoming more and more insistent. The emptiness inside me was widening, my stress level was rising dangerously, even preventing me from breathing properly.

Until one day I decided to follow a colleague’s advice to try meditation. At the time I did not know what the difference was between meditation, hypnosis and energy activation. And thanks to perfect synchronicity, upon entering my facebook social page, an advertisement for an online workshop appeared on the homepage that immediately caught my attention. 

It was suggested that we sit or lie down during the session, and I immediately fell asleep. I did not wake up until several hours later, believing that this had been for nothing and that I had simply slept. I was still unaware that I had received a powerful energetic transmission, which was soon to completely change my life, bringing with it the answers and inner peace I was seeking.

And so today, after having continued on my path to self-realization for years, receiving all the necessary energy activations, knowledge and initiations, I am here to share that same gift with you.

And to the question — who am I? I now answer with the wisdom of the stars … “I am a Portal of Divine, how may I serve?”

With deepest gratitude,